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A vehicle’s transmission is core to its performance. When this most important component doesn’t operate at its optimal level, the vehicle loses its strength. Often leading to other problems, such as fuel inefficiency, humming sounds, burning smell, and other issues.


drive train & transmission problem diagnosis

Allen’s Auto Services team comprises a team of highly trained professionals that can cover all your transmission services and repairs needs. If you witness any sign of abnormality in your vehicle, such as automatically going into neutral or slow driving, then bring it to our experts. We will not only diagnose your vehicle but will tell you exactly what service your vehicle needs.


transmission service & repair experts

In many cases, inexperienced mechanics will immediately call for expensive transmission replacement or rebuild. Novice mechanics are often intimated by intricate nature of transmission service or repair. Because of a broad range of problems and severity attached to transmission issues. 


A prompt and efficient transmission flush service will keep your transmission performing for a long time. At Allen’s Auto Services, we provide all transmission related services at an affordable price.  Missing on key repairs can result in complete breakdown - give us a call, our team is ever ready to meet your transmission repair needs. 

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